How much is real estate commission?

A real estate agent’s commission is a percentage of the sales price of your home. The average real estate commission is about 6%, but that number can vary depending on your location and which brokerage firm you work with. The commission amount can also be negotiated between you and your listing or buyer’s agent. If you are selling a luxury property, the commission can be higher than that of a standard sale.

The average real estate commission in New York is 4.97%, which is on the low end of the national average. However, the average commission rate in NYC is impacted by the city’s hot housing market, which can cause a greater increase in home prices. You can ask local realtors in your area for a more accurate breakdown of the real estate commission rate.

In addition to real estate agent commissions, you will also be paying for closing costs when you sell your home. These expenses can include attorney fees, mortgage recording fees, and taxes. To help you estimate your total seller closing costs, we recommend using Hauseit’s seller closing cost calculator. Click here


You may be able to negotiate the amount of real estate commission that you pay by asking your agent to lower their fee or offering a higher sales price for your property. But in most cases, the seller’s agent will be unable or unwilling to change their commission rate.

Many people who are selling homes wonder whether it is possible to get a home seller’s rebate from the real estate commission. But according to a survey conducted by the Consumer Federation of America, only 17% of buyers who bought a home in 2022 asked their agents for a rebate and 7% actually received one.

Another option for home sellers who are looking to save money on their real estate commission is to use a discount broker to sell their home. Some discount brokers, such as Clever Real Estate and Ideal Agent, can connect you with agents who offer reduced rates or flat fees.


A real estate broker is a licensed professional who can provide you with expert advice about your property’s value and market conditions. A broker can also help you find a loan that meets your needs and budget. Brokers are also often able to negotiate reduced commission rates for their clients.

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