Are you in search of a captivating webtoon series that combines romance, campus life, and the exciting world of gaming? Look no further than “그거 그렇게 하는거 아닌데 툰코,” a webtoon that has been gaining immense popularity since its serialization on Toomics from December 26, 2022. In this article, we’ll dive into what makes this webtoon a must-read, with a focus on its unique setting, thrilling storyline, and memorable characters.

An Intriguing Premise

“그거 그렇게 하는거 아닌데 툰코” revolves around the life of Do-hyeon, a former professional gamer trainee who was expelled from the gaming world. The story takes an 툰코 그거 그렇게 하는거 아닌데 intriguing twist as it delves into the challenges, conflicts, and triumphs that Do-hyeon faces while navigating his way through a world that revolves around PC gaming.

The webtoon’s unique setting in the PC room is a refreshing departure from conventional romance and campus-themed stories. It offers readers a glimpse into the lesser-explored territory of professional gaming, which adds an exciting and dynamic element to the narrative.

Compelling Character Dynamics

One of the standout features of “그거 그렇게 하는거 아닌데 툰코” is its richly developed characters. In particular, the dynamic between Do-hyeon and Hyuna is a central focus of the story. Do-hyeon, with his background as a professional gamer, and Hyuna, with her own set of skills and aspirations, make for a compelling pair.

Their interactions are filled with tension, growth, and unexpected surprises, keeping readers eagerly turning the pages. The evolving relationship between these two characters provides a fresh and immersive experience for those invested in the webtoon.

Masterful Storytelling

The success of any webtoon hinges on its ability to engage readers with an enthralling storyline. “그거 그렇게 하는거 아닌데 툰코” excels in this department, thanks to the author’s exceptional storytelling skills. Each episode is carefully crafted to deliver a perfect balance of excitement, emotion, and tension.

The webtoon’s ability to create pleasant and touching moments within various situations ensures that readers are consistently drawn into its world. Whether it’s the thrill of a gaming competition or the tenderness of a heartfelt conversation, the webtoon offers a diverse range of experiences.


In conclusion, “그거 그렇게 하는거 아닌데 툰코” is a webtoon that stands out in the romance and campus genres, offering a unique and thrilling narrative experience. With its fascinating premise, compelling character dynamics, and masterful storytelling, it’s no wonder that this webtoon has captured the hearts of readers since its debut on Toomics.

If you’re looking for a webtoon that will keep you entertained, emotionally invested, and eagerly awaiting each new episode, “그거 그렇게 하는거 아닌데 툰코” should be at the top of your reading list. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore the world of professional gaming and heartfelt connections in this exceptional webtoon.